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Presentation of a new project in Bazar-Korgon district

R.Zhusupova chairwoman of WPU Erayim25.02.2020  13:37

The project ‘Women Empowerment in Rural Areas of Kyrgyzstan’ has started its work in Bazar-Korgon. The project is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by Women's Public Union Erayim under the Direct Aid Program (DAP) of the Australian Embassy in Moscow. The project will be implemented in Akman, Bazar-Korgon rural districts of Bazar-Korgon district in Jalal-Abad Oblast and Shark, Mady, Kyzyl-Kyshtak rural districts of Kara-Suu district in Osh Oblast. The project aims to empower women in rural areas.

A presentation of the project took place on February 18, 2020, in Akman and Bazar-Korgon rural districts of Bazar-Korgon district. The event was attended by about 50 members of self-help groups (hereinafter referred to as SHG) from Akman rural district, 34 SHG members from Bazar-Korgon rural district, representatives of local authorities and other stakeholders. Chairwoman of WPU Erayim Rakhila Zhusupova made a congratulatory speech and briefly shared information about the project, as well as focused on other issues related to the general activities of the organization. Responsible employees of the organization Mamatkazy Kaparov and Altynai Sabyrbekova made a presentation of the project. They gave detailed information about the goals, objectives and components of the project, as well as the activities planned within the project.

- The project creates conditions for driving women entrepreneurship development, enable local economic growth, convene dialogue among local authorities and self-help groups to set up joint action practice which contributes to community development, and improving the environment for women’s entrepreneurship among SHG members (90% are women) they will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and become financially independent - added M. Kaparov. Besides, information on project duration and stages were given. At the end of the presentation, a lively discussion took place, where the participants were asked a lot of questions of interest to them. Here mainly questions were asked such as “Can we expand the existing business?”, “What can grant funds be used for?”, “Can a processing enterprise be organized?”, “How to start a new business?” etc.

At the end of the event, the head of WPU Erayim Rakhila Zhusupova, answering questions, focused on areas for further cooperation, also called on rural women to be active, to use the funds correctly and purposefully.

Presentation event in Bazar Korgon rurual district

Registration of participants

A member of SHG in Zharake village Arzykan Syrgabaeva gives an interview.

Participants of the presentation from Akman rural district

Mamatkazy Kaparov, WPU Erayim staff member makes a presentation of the project

Altynai Sabyrbekova answers to the questions of participants

R.Zhusupova during the project presentation in Bazar Korgon village

Participants of the presentation from Bazar Korgon rural district

presentation in Bazar Korgon village

Questions from participants

PR specialist of WPU Erayim in Jalal-Abad Oblast

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