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Fight against coronavirus COVID-19

006.09.2020   15:25

The coronavirus infection has spread all over the world, the society is worried and the feeling of fear is increasing, along with this, it has a significant negative impact on the economy of each country. In order to prevent and familiarize the rules of protection against this infection for SHG Associations ‘Kurmanzhan Datka’, ‘Kerme-Too’, ‘Shark’, SHG and ChSHG of Shark, Mady, Kyzyl-Kyshtak municipalities of Kara-Suu district, an online training was organized on the topic ‘Coronavirus COVID-19 and ways to fight it’.

The online training was prepared by Batma Zhusupova, the trainer of WPU Erayim, and conducted by local trainers via mobile applications Zoom, WhatsApp on August 20-27 this year. As a result of the training, the trainers provided feedback through the ‘Simpoll’ survey website to determine the level of mastering the topic. The result of the survey showed that 95% of 100 participants learned the topic perfectly.

Under the influence of this training, the ‘Kerme-Too’ SHG Association and members of the ‘Onuguu’, ‘Daanaker’, ‘Dostuk’ ChSHGs of the Ishkavan village shared information prepared on COVID-19 through the WhatsApp mobile application. Based on the results of the training, SHG members called people for peace, harmony and friendship, and conducted a flash mob aimed at fighting this disease. As part of this flash mob, they called to ‘Stay at home’, ‘Obey the rules’, ‘Use an antiseptic’. Such companies on the part of SHGs and ChSHGs are held regularly. Prior to that, on July 15, members of the SHG and ChSHG held an information campaign ‘Stop COVID-19’.







Erlan Davlatov, Osh province 

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