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The Day of Teachers was Celebrated in the Kara-Suu District

116.10.2020   12:55

On October 11, this year, the Day of Teachers was celebrated in Shark, Mady, Kyzyl-Kyshtak municipalities Kara-Suu district. At the beginning of the event, Kiyal Mamazhanova, the ChSHG coordinator in Osh oblast of WPU Erayim congratulated the dear teachers.

“The work of teachers is hard and very responsible. You bring up our children, give them a decent education, by this, you will make your contribution to the future of our country. Your invaluable work, proper upbringing and quality education that you give to our children determines the future of our country,” – said the ChSHG coordinator.

The initiators of this event were member-leaders of children's Self-Help Groups ‘Onuguu’, ‘Daanaker’, 'Zhyldyzdar’, ‘Mekenchilder’, ‘Kelechek Zhashtary’, ‘Shamdagailar’, ‘Ata-Turk’ the Kyzyl-Kyshtak municipality, ‘Buchur’, Dostuk’, ‘Oomat’, ‘Yntymak’, ‘Zhakshylyk’, ‘Doolot’, ‘Eldos’, ‘Tumar’ Mady municipality, ‘Yiman Nuru’, ‘Dostuk’, ‘Kelechek’, ‘Yntymak’, ‘Yyman Nuru 2’, ‘Ak niet 1’, ‘Ak niet 2’, ‘Shirin’, ‘Balazhan’, ‘Raduga’, ‘Barsbek’, ‘Navbahar’, ‘Kyrgyzstan’, ‘Madaniyat va marifiyat’ Shark municipality. The 30 children from these groups in a team visited the teachers of the above municipalities to congratulate them on Teachers Day. The members of the ChSHG of Mady and Ishkavan villages collected 40 soms each, the members of the ChSHG of Shark village each collected 20 soms, and for the collected 7,360 soms they bought food. Children visited 15 teachers, wished warm wishes, and gifted 1 kg of rice, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of pasta and 1 kg of sweets each.






Erlan Davlatov, Osh oblast

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